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    One organization, The Buckeye Firearms Foundation, in Ohio offering free firearms training to teachers has received over 1,000 application from educators who are willing to take action if the worst happens...

    “Based on the current 1,000+ applicants, about 60% are men and 40% are women,” BFA wrote. “More than 70% are teachers, 14% are administrators, and the balance are office staff and other employees. About 85% work in public schools and over 50% work in high schools. There’s a fairly even distribution among urban, suburban, and rural schools.”

    “About 55% have moderate to extensive firearm experience, 70% have experience with handguns, and more than 40% already have a license to carry a concealed firearm. A number of these applicants are ex-military and former law enforcement.”

    “Even a full SWAT team can’t guarantee absolute safety in any given school,” BFA acknowledged. “What we can guarantee is that if a school has no one on-site who can respond to an active killer threat, people are going to die until someone can respond. Dozens of people can be killed in just 5 or 10 minutes. So fast response is essential.”