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by , 12-08-12 at 02:00 PM (366 Views)
I took the liberty to start a group...K9 Members....

This is for anyone who is interested in the K9 field, handlers or trainers, and unit supervisors.
I have been working and training K9's since 1984.... this is my passion and would like to learn from all K9 people out there...wether you "k9" as a hobby, weekend fun, hunt, sprot.....lets just learn what we can from each other.

Check it out nd let me know what you think. As I figure out how to post thing I will be posting video, pictures and insperation for all.

thanks K9 Ted

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  1. Pudge's Avatar
    Excellent. Also feel free to post an introduction to the forums, and submit your information for verification as outlined in the welcome private message you received when you registered.