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    I bought the S&W .38 model 638 at the Gun Show, Saturday! I chose that one instead of the 642, because I can shoot it SA if I want. I used to have a model 49, (blue steel) and I really liked it, except I wished it was stainless and it was lighter.

    Case solved! Thanks, everyone, for your opinions. They really helped!

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    On days off I sell guns as a part time job. I also am a firearms instructor. I am kind of surprised to hear that people would even consider carrying a gun that wont reliably feed hollow point ammunition. Ball ammo was never meant as a defensive round and should never even be a consideration. If thats all your gun will reliably feed then get rid of it and get something that will eat hollow points. If not for yourself, then for your family. The Kel Tech is a POS when it comes to betting your life on it.

    My personal favorite back up and off duty carry gun is a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 compact. Same size as a Glock 27 which would be my next choice. I carry mine on my vest strap under me left arm and never know its there. Last but not least, any of the small light weight revolvers like a Smith Air Weight. I will be go to hell if I am gonna bet my life on a Kel Tech. I dumped a KAHR P-40 for exactly the same reason. The feed ramp (or lack thereof) sucks and will not feed Speer Gold Dots for anything. It was promptly fired and the S&W M&P took its place. Best small hand gun I have ever owned or shot IMHO.
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    I got a Kel-Tec PF9 a couple of months back, only after doing LOTS of research on them at various outlets throughout the 'net. (No doubt the first few 'prototype' batches of the PF9 were HORRIBLE, but the kinks seem to have since been worked out) The first range trip I made with it I put about 300 rounds through it, and tried ball ammo, Federal Nyclad, Hornady, and 124gr +P Gold Dot's. Had absolutely no feeding or ejection issues with any of it, and the little pistol is much more accurate and pleasant to shoot than I thought it would be. (Not exactly fun to shoot, but not that bad either.) The Gold Dot's seemed to be the most accurate of the bunch, so that is what I went with. Now it rides in a pocket holster inside the cargo pocket of my uniform pants, and in a scabbard type leather waist holster when I'm off. It completely dissappears even under a t-shirt and it is so lightweight that it is easy to forget that it is there.
    Until my Kel-Tec doesn't go bang or otherwise screws up on me, I'll rely on my own experience with it instead of internet opinions and rumors... I've seen no reason not to trust it thus far. Are there better guns? Definitely, but for it's purpose it's just fine for me.

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    That's great to hear

    I read a review of my Kel-Tec P32 a few days ago in Gun Test magazine I believe, and they said the same thing - That Kel-Tec has apparently gotten their act together. Their commercially-obtained P32 performed flawlessly.

    My P32 (about 5 years old) didn't perform flawlessly (went back to the factory several times due to jams, off-center firing pin indexer & broken assembly pin springs at various times in its life), so I guess it's time for me to try a new one, maybe the P3AT (.380) or FP9 and get rid of my old model.

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