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Thread: Shotgun Pr0n

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    Shotgun Pr0n

    With the recent run on evil black guns at the gun store, and the likelihood that it will be difficult to replace my evil black gun I've moved on to a new home defense weapon.

    I have a RRA M-4gery. It has a flat top upper with EOTech and flip up iron sights. I used this as my primary home defense weapon because of the fast close quarters capabilities and many rounds on target...

    If it were to get stolen from my rather unsecure bedroom closet (hard for the kids to get into but easy for me and easy for a burglar) I would probably have a hard time replacing it these days.

    I've opted for a Remington 870 with a bunch of extra rounds. At my first agency we had a pistol grip and a side saddle shell carrier. I wanted something similar. I got the shell carrier and mounted it for the 10 total rounds. I could carry it with one in the chamber but I trained with them in "cruiser condition" and under stress I'm going to rack out the good round in the chamber. So I'm going with consistency.

    I initially wanted just a pistol grip with no stock. That will make it more maneuverable in the house. Close quarter means point and shoot will still probably be accurate. I got to thinking about times I might want to aim it though and don't want an impression of the back of my hand in my face. I really like the fold up stocks but they don't work with my side saddle carrier. Damn. I got the side fold stock instead. I actually like it though. Firing magnum rounds it's not a bad stock. It folds in for easy storage and I can work the action and fire rounds with it folded.

    Knowing what I know now I'd probably go with the fold up stock with an extended magazine for nearly the same round capacity. Still this works well for me and fits my needs. I really didn't see the need for all the tacticool crap that makes it look like an AR-15. Really, who needs an EOTech on a shotgun??? I may mount my light on the barrel now just in case there are light issues with loss of power or while out camping.

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    Pretty smart setup there!
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    Looks good Xiphos I haven't had the occasion to shoot a shotgun yet. I do plan to before long though
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    Who let these guys in here?

    Inside joke.....move along.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    Sweet lookin' rig.

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