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Thread: H&K USP .45

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    H&K USP .45

    We spent the day at the range and got to put rounds down range with our USP's, coming from an M9 Beretta 9mm to this USP was way different to say the least, granted the last time I shot the Beretta was well over 12 years ago. Overall I was impressed with my USP I liked the feel of the gun and liked the way the gun fired, recoil wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

    I'll be looking for an off duty sidearm here in a few months and I'm leaning heavily toward any variety of .45...I love me some Kimber but damn..they're money...lol

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    I like my USPs... they are great guns. And people will say its blasphemy but I like their triggers better then Sig.
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    USP 45 Compact is a good choice.
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