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    that thing looks mighty nice...smooth in the right places, rough in the right ones. It looks like someone would take one look at that and poop their pants because of the sheer power it holds.

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    Very cool look to the weapon. I had a TL as well, exactly like the one you pictured at the very top. I bought it for duty and had serious issues with it from day one to include the same wear on the finish (cheap parkerized coating for a pistol they call tactically is stupid) from day one. I had to keep dry lube on it to keep it from rusting in the mid summer humidity soon as I walked outside.

    The second thing that happened to me was the first mag (full tank) that I inserted into the weapon jammed so badly that I could not remove it, even with vicegrips and a freaking prybar.

    So it went back to the factory with a letter explaining that I had just spent over a grand for the weapon, the 6 wilson mags to carry with it and their mag and completely and totally rendered the weapon useless and I needed back as soon as they could make it happen. About 2 weeks later with no reply and several phone calls checking status I got news from the local gunstore it had arrived. I got there opened the box and the mag was still jammed in the weapon and the note I had tapped to the slide of the weapon had not been removed. ($35 dollars for shipping out of a $21k per year job, TAKE ONE).

    I contacted them and explained what had happened and they were very sorry it had but would not pay to have it re-shipped back for repairs. ($35 dollars for shipping TAKE TWO). After two weeks and having transitioned back to my Glock 21 I had not heard anything. I called and got an answering machine that stated everyone was on the phone but my call was very important please leave a message. I did, another week goes by and the gun returns. The weapon has actually been taken out of the box this time, it has deep tool marks on and around the mag well and is rusted on the slide and all the cheap ass parts you mentioned above. The mag is laying on the foam padding in the box crushed with crushed hollowpoints still in it. No letter, no new mag, nothing.

    At this point I was calling to get someone on the line to explain that I was about to loose my fucking mind (and I had been very polite, almost exactly what I said was posted above) and this guy gets on the phone to tell me his people would not perform that kind of work and leave the weapon in that condition. After explaining that the shipping records were very easy to follow from my gun shop to his fucking door and that it had been there for a total of 5 weeks not including shipping time and the $70+ bucks I had spent on shipping he tells me a one liner that I will never forget "I don't know what to tell you bud".

    I explain that he could tell me that this last time I shipped it back he would make it right, he said after the above statement that his techs had looked at the gun and there was nothing wrong with it. I asked him if he had seen the weapon or the mag that came out of it and he said he had. I told him I could not understand how he would look at what I am looking at and think there was nothing wrong. But hey, I lost my ass on the gun, never was able to fire a shot, it rusted and the only gun store in town that was buying knew every detail of what had happened.

    Glad to see you had much better luck than I did and that is a fantastic finish.

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