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Thread: M&P 9mm

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    M&P 9mm

    Looking for some feedback on the M&P 9mm, I went on the s&w website and basically I narrowing it down between the M&P, Glock 19, and the XD...anyone with experience feel free to chime in..

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    It's personal preference. M&P fit my hand the best, so a M&P .40 is what I carry.

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    Our dept recently switched to the M&P40. Everyone including myself loves this gun. I wouldn't hesitate on snatching one up.

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    My dept issues the M&P 9mm. Best duty weapon I've carried (also carried a Glock 22 and Sig 229). I haven't been able to make it jam in 2 years. Week long range session in the dust and dirt during summer, with zero cleaning or lube other than what it already had before the first day, nothing. Limp wristing pusposely, nothing. Holding it upside down, using the pinky as the trigger finger, off handed, purposely limp wristing it, on the last day of said week long range class, nothing.

    Even my Glock hiccupped during a week long range torture test.

    I have complete confidence in the gun. Oh, and it's the most comfortable of the three duty weapons I've shot as well.
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    I used an M&P40 as duty weapon for almost four years and loved it. The only problem I had with mine was that it did not like Blazer aluminum cased ammo, but that is not a common problem with M&P's. If you are interested in the M&P9 and don't know who Todd Green is, this is worth a look:50,000 Rounds in Six Months: M&P9 - M4Carbine.net Forums. Todd also runs pistol-training.com, which has further info on the test and a lot of great training info.

    The Glock 19 is one of the most proven pistol platforms around (at least the 3rd gen is, I have read reports of teething problems with the 4th gen's recoil spring assembly). If you like the Glock, it is a solid choice.

    According to people with a lot more knowledge than I have, the XD has had durability issues in selection trials. That said, I carried an XD40 for a while and liked it. My personal gun did not give me any trouble in my limited time with it (about 1,000 rounds).



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