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    SLR-15 Rifles / The Defensive Edge

    This week we had Sully come out from The Defensive Edge (the training division of his custom rifle company, SLR-15 Rifles) to teach a 2 day AR-15 armorers course and a 1 day shotgun course. Having no interest in shotguns, I took the 2 day rifle and called it a day.

    We picked up this training off a posting on officer.com where he stated his goal was to help departments with little to no budget by putting on training courses in which we receive a free rifle at the end for hosting. I immediately emailed him and explained our department situation and he emailed me back saying he'd love to come. I must admit, at this point I was a bit leery. SLR-15 rifles/The Defensive Edge are unknown companies in this part of the state, and the deal seemed too good to be true. As of 3 weeks ago we only had 6 people registered, and I feared our class would be canceled. We blitzed our word of mouth and statewide training registry and managed to get enough people coming to put on the class.

    Let me start by saying Sully is a cop and knows exactly what cops need to know. He doesn't advertise that he's a cop, which is honestly another reason I was a bit leery about this class. In my mind we had a relatively unknown dude coming out, and we all know how some gun people can be, with a deal that's too good to be true. Sully actually has over 20 years of LE experience, the last several of which have been in charge of training and armory for the SWAT team he serves. In addition, he owns his company and has been building and troubleshooting rilfes, as well as putting on these training classes, for many years. This definitely wasn't his first class.

    Sully gets right to the point, but spends an inordinate amount of time breaking down all the details of the rifle, troubleshooting, COMPLETE disassembly, clean, lube, and reassembly. This was my first armorers class, but several people in the class had been to Colt hosted armorers classes at OPOTA who all agreed that Sully goes far more in depth into the rifle system than any other armorers classes they had been to in the past. Sully brings every tool you could possibly need, powerpoints, mockups, cut-away rifles, videos, etc. The class was never dull. Best of all, he spends absolutely 0 time pimping his own credentials or trying to sell us on his rifles/parts. By the way, this is an NRA certified class and we all received fancy certificates at the end. While I didn't attend the day of shotgun, I'm told that it was equally informative and entertaining. If you're wondering, we did receive our rifle. Ironically he was actually building it the second half of the second day as he was teaching.

    In short, I DEFINITELY recommend this company for future training. A quick look of his website shows all the classes he teaches, including armorers as well as actual live fire classes (both instructor and user). If you have any further questions about him or his classes that I might be able to answer, feel free to ask.

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    I'll have to look him up on the web. I'm always interested in courses.
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    If you like in depth classes, you might be interested in the week long course by Ken Elmore of Specialized Armament.

    He wrote the book for everyone else teaching the classes when he worked at Colt.

    Colt isn't teaching it right any more, either.
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