Sorry to post this in the firearms for sale section, but I wanted to throw this out there.

I need to find some equipment and I thought maybe someone's department might have some that they are getting rid of. Any red/blue led lights would be great (LED prefered), not a full light bar though. I am also on a mission for a Whelen HHS2100 or HHS2200 (handheld light/siren control). The handheld isn't necessarily a "must have", just a preference. If there are any other control heads for sale out there let me know (i.e. SmartSiren, Whelen, etc.). I'm looking for a siren speaker too. Like I said, I'm not sure if anyone can help, but with new vehicles coming in and old ones getting stripped out I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. This is all going on my POV for a volunteer F.F. gig I'm gonna start doing to keep myself busy. I got a couple lights from my department but all the good stuff got sold before I had a need for it. Thanks everyone, stay safe.