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    NY county could break state law by refusing to give newspaper names and addresses of pistol permit holders

    Putnam County officials, who say they will refuse a newspaper's request to release the names and addresses of residents with pistol permits, would break New York law in withholding the data, a state official said.
    But Freeman said the law is clear: "The name and address of any gun licensee are public."On Dec. 23, The Journal News published a report and interactive map, identifying the names and addresses of those who legally hold pistol permits in Westchester and Rockland counties. At that time, a request also was made to Putnam County.That map ignited a firestorm of controversy but also generated support. All three requests for the gun data followed last month's mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
    N.Y. county vows to withhold pistol permit data

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    Just another example of "just because something is legal doesn't make it right"

    Of course, threatening retaliation is wrong as well, but I do think it is ironic that after a competing paper published names/addresses of employees of The Journal News that they hired armed security guards.

    The Journal News sparked outrage among gun owners and privacy advocates after publishing the interactive Google map featuring the names and addresses of local firearms owners last month an action that critics consider an unjustifiable act of invasion of privacy. But the backlash was in the form of more than just the two emails. A state gun-rights group called for an advertising boycott and a Republican state senator has proposed legislation that would make the personal information of gun permit holders private. Even the Rockland County Times took its own swing at the paper, publishing the names and addresses of the newspaper staff. But the irony is unmistakeable in the fact that The Journal News has now retained an armed security firm.

    Newspaper Hires Armed Security Guards After Backlash Over Gun-Owner Map | TIME.com
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