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Thread: Colorado House passes tighter gun control bills

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    Colorado House passes tighter gun control bills

    The Colorado House voted Monday to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines and forbid concealed weapons on college campuses.The Democratic-majority House also passed measures to require background checks on firearm sales between private parties and for Coloradans to pay for all state gun verifications.The four bills won initial approval Friday.One measure, House Bill 1224, would limit magazines to 15 rounds for rifles and pistols and eight shells for shotguns. The bill originally called for limits of 10 rounds and five shells, respectively.
    Colo. House votes to ban high-capacity ammo magazines

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    See ya later, Magpul. Come to Ohio!
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    They will loose a lot of revenue and jobs over this. I hope CO goes in the toilet now. The politicians deserve what comes to them
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    My daydream hope is the rest of the state secedes from Denver and Aspen. Boulder will follow if the secession is a libertarian republic with free market weed cheaper than the liberals offer. Not that anyone needs, or wants, Boulderans - it's just such an easy way to keep them out of traffic. The students there must have been the model for The Walking Dead. They find their way into the darndest places all slouched and drooling.

    It really is a wonderful state for the most part, the ranchers are as hard working and true to their word as Zane Grey ever put to pen. A surprising number of their cowboys still ride horses to this day instead of Hondas. And the natural resources? Sky's the limit. If it wasn't for high concentration of city leftists (they're not real liberals, mind you. No coastal liberal would accept such mid-continent rural trash as authentic) it'd be a hell of a nice state. They have a cancer and it's winning.

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    I wish dude.

    Denver metro could disappear into a black hole and we'd be better off for it. Remember when CO was a great place to live - before it was just California with snow? We are all pretty much deflated out here in the sticks now. Our legislature CONSTANTLY ignores the people, and the activist judges that redistrict at will run the show.

    I hope Magpul bails if it goes through. Wish I could bail too, LOL
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    Good Luck guys. To many west coasters came into your fine state & moved into powerful positions. This is why I hated to our Gov Perry recruiting out that way.
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