Three months before a new state law goes into effect requiring police to sell any weapon they receive, Phoenix officials plan to destroy as many guns as residents bring them.Those efforts begin Saturday with a gun buyback at three churches in the city, and two more events are scheduled later this month.After that, gun buybacks coordinated with Phoenix police will likely cease.A law Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed this week requires police to sell any weapons they receive, whether the guns are abandoned, lost or forfeited to the agency through a court order. A bill with the same intent requiring agencies to sell weapons instead of destroying them was approved last year, but officials in Phoenix, Tucson and other cities took a literal reading of that legislation and determined that it applied only to weapons that departments receive through court-ordered forfeiture.Police have until the law takes effect to continue their current practices. In Phoenix, that means destroying weapons.
Phoenix police plan to destroy guns from buyback