I have heard comments about my buns, but there's more to it than that!

Two bread recipes, three styles.

This is a basic yeast roll recipe. Great for a soft sandwich bread.

5 tsp dry yeast
1/3 C warm water
1 1/4 C milk
2 Tbsp butter
3 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 egg
3 1/2 C flour

Dissolve yeast in 110 degree water. Heat milk, butter, sugar, salt, and egg. Allow to cool. Add yeast and one C of flour. Beat well for 2 minutes. Add remaining flour, 1 cup at a time, beating to incorporate well. Mix dough for 5-10 minutes. Dough will be sticky. I cut these into 12 equal parts and form them into buns. Place dough let rise in warm place 15 minutes. While rolls are rising, pre-heat oven to 350. Brush tops of rolls with beaten egg. Bake rolls 10-15 minutes.

This is a tougher/crunchy style bread recipe*

place in mixer bowl
5 tsp dry yeast
2 1/2 cups 110 degree water
1 tsp sugar

Then add
1 tbsp salt
6-7 cups bread flour - 2 cups at a time
Mix until dough is dry to touch
let rise covered for about 30 minutes, punch down and form rolls, let rise 30 minutes
bake at 450 for 16 minutes

for pizza skins*

roll out dough to about 1/4 inch, dock with tines of fork

bake 450 for 8 minutes