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    I totally was thinking something else when I read single cup brewing system....:drunk:
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    We just bought ours yesterday. We got the machine (just the one with the two cup sizes), the k-cup carousel and the my k-cup for $75 on craigslist. It's fantastic!!! We'll upgrade to the bigger machine in the future, I'm sure!
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    We have one at the station. Its great, even though I don't drink coffee all that often. Some of the little cups of the concentrate are a bit on the weak side so you have to make half a cup (insulated 20 OZ size) and use two of the concentrate containers. Lots of flavors like hot chocolate or foofoo coffee flavors.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pudge View Post
    I just picked one up after work last night to suprise my wife for her Birthday. I don't drink coffee often, but I'm kind of into this thing, I may just start drinking more.

    Aside from what's already been posted, any helpful tips for this thing? What's your favorite brew(s)?
    I love the Dark Magic, (or Black Magic, whatever?) as I like my coffee strong. Very good without being bitter. I use bottled spring water, so that has a lot to do with the taste. Coffee is only as good as the water you use, in my opinion.
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