I was making potato soup the other day, with cornbread, and decided to try something new. Chopped up cooked bacon (I get the ends and peices from the butcher for stuff like this) and jalepeno and added it to the cornbread and the potato soup. Turned out well.

Today, since I had left over jalepenos and I was grilling, I decided to to some kabobs as well. Marinated chicken in red wine marinade (red wine, olive oil, lemon juice, a little seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder and oregano), halved and de-seeded the peppers, put red onion, pepper half and marinated chicken on the skewer. Sometimes I have also wrapped them in bacon, but didn't feel like thawing it out (wife doesn't like bacon all the time). Turned out fantastic.

I would put up pictures and a recipe, but I didn't think to take the pics, and I never measure anything so what I put here is pretty much all I had in mind when I started out.

I have two jalepenos left. Might put them in my scrambled eggs. I usually put hot sauce on eggs, but I don't think I've done fresh jalepenos before.