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Thread: Neat appeizer idea...

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    Neat appeizer idea...

    My wife & I are watching a recorded episode of Top Chef Masters... and one thing was an hors devour challenge, and someone mentioned how eggs are one size...

    Neat idea came to mind. Pain in the ass -- and a lot of work, but here's the idea we came up with.

    Take a dozen, 2 dozen, whatever bunch of eggs is appropriate. Separate the yolks out, then mix them. Mix the whites, too. Then, "reassemble" the eggs in the portion size desired, with a bit of yolk reinserted into the whites. So, for example, make toast circles about the size of a Ritz or similar cracker. Use a tablespoon or so of white, with a bit of yolk, and poach them. Serve the poached "egg" on the toast, with a bit of hollandaise sauce, as essentially a bite size eggs benedict.
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    That sounds delicious!

    I'm a huge "Top Chef" fan.



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