Hey folks....

just thought I would drop by to let folks know that I am having a 4th of July Weekend Sale ONLY for members of this forum. The details are below:

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Congratulations to the winner of a fine holster to be (it is currently looking a lot like a piece of dead cowhide right now but I will fix that for ya!).

Thanks for the comments on the holsters guys. Here is a little treat for you...any holsters ordered through this forum throughout the 4th of July Weekend will receive $10 off on either of my two IWB styles or $5 off the OWB and the slide (no photo yet for the slide, sorry).

Fill my PM box with your orders, include a phone number, and I will call you back either on the 4th or after, your preference.

Take care and stay safe....oh, and if you don't work on the 4th, party well and enjoy this fine country we live in, and toast all of those who serve that we may continue enjoying!

God Bless the USA
Have a Happy AND Safe 4th of July!