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    Greetings to all.....

    The new website design has been completed and the server/domain swap is being finalized as I type. There are still a few little things for me to do but I will hopefully complete that this weekend.

    Good News! The shopping cart is now active and works the way I intended from the beginning....customers will make the purchase entering their credit/debit card info but they will not be charged at the time of the order. Customers will be charged just before I begin work on their holsters. If I have questions I will contact the customer....if you have a question you may contact me via PM or directly from the site.

    More Good News! Beginning 12am on Friday, Aug 29 and extending to 12 am Sept 2, all customers ordering will receive a 10% discount on their orders. LEO's will receive an additional 5% off any purchase of the Ghost Tuckable IWB or the Mason-Dixon Convertible OWB-IWB holsters. The shopping cart may not be updated at that time to reflect the sale status, however, billing will indeed reflect your sale price. FOR Officer Resource members: Since I am late getting this message here I am extending the sale until 12am on Sept 04....this will allow members of this forum to have full access to the sale offered on other forums. LEO discount requires department name and phone in the comments at the time of checkout.

    Additionally, I will foot the bill for any additional shipping costs if a customer purchases more than one holster (up to 5 total). If you have any questions concerning this sale please contact me here or via the website.

    Please contact me here or via website for any questions. I will be happy to assist you. have a safe remainder of the holiday.
    Brock Morgan
    Bluegrass Holsters

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    Excellent news. Glad to hear you're getting it where you want it.
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