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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolven View Post
    Looks like I may be going to nights..after working days for 5 years. I have a flashlight in my car which I may say is a POS. The battery cell pack seems to last for about 3.5 nano seconds. This is fine if I am using it for a building search that lasts a few minutes but not to work a 12 hours shift with on/off use. I am thinking of getting a flashlight but do not want to spend a ton of money....under $100 (or less). Any ideas? I can search the internet and Baumshoe but figured I would rather ask those that may actually use something they like. Thanks.

    So Wolven what light did you end up buying?
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    Yes, what did you buy?
    Nothing clever here except my zombie defense gun... now where is that darn flashlight...


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