I told Shoesie I'd write something up for him. Granted it was a little over a year ago.


If you are looking for some light weight, comfy and very breathable boots, then the Black hawk Warrior Wear light assault boots are for you! My first pair I ordered a tad over a year ago, I think, and I've been wearing them for work during the spring, summer and fall. The fit like a pair of running shoes and are just as comfortable.

Construction of these boots is better than I expected. There is a cam lock on the tongue that the laces run through. Basically making it so you don't actually have to tie your boots. That is nice for lazy folks like me. I figured the cam lock would break in the first few months or loose it's effectiveness. Well, I was wrong. They are still holding strong and don't show any signs of wear and tear.

The soles of the boats are of good design and excellent grip. I've not had a problem in the woods or on paved roads and hallways. They don't squeak on the floors when wet, unlike my old Oakleys. They are cushy enough that they don't jar your body when running yet firm enough they don't get all chewed up on gravel.

Breathability. Let me tell you, these things breath easier than a fish in water. If there is a good breeze going, you'll feel it on your feet. If your feet start to stinking, which they shouldn't with these boots, you'll be a smellin' 'em.

The only times I won't wear these boots is if it's raining or in the winter time. Even if I do get stuck in the rain while wearing these, throw on a dry pair of socks and your boots and feet are dry in no time. I even let my wife run the hose on my boots for a while and they dried out in no time.

I'm a bit of a boot whore. There was a time I had more boots than my wife has shoes. I like me some boots. The Blackhawk Warrior wear light assault boot is my now my go to boot if I know it's gonna be a hot dry day. I like 'em so much I even ordered me a pair in tan, or what's supposed to be tan anyways. It's a darker tan more like FDE but that don't really bother me much.

Bottom line. Would I recommend these? Hells yea! Will I buy these again? Already did!

Now for some pictures.

These are the boots that I've been wearing for a little over a year.

Year old sole vs new sole.

The new "tan" boot. Technically they call it coyote tan. The last two pictures are of the cam lock.

Blackhawk coyote tan vs issue desert boots.