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    (HNP) DoorStorm Forcible Entry System available from OfficerStore.com is a game-changer: quiet, quick and effective

    Note from APB: we will be posting certain new product offerings under the (HNP) tag, meaning Hot New Products, in case you are interested in finding out about them. This is the first one of these.

    Once again, OfficerStore.com is on top of the latest developments in law enforcement tools and technology. Faced with a locked door and a need to enter quickly, the usual remedy has been a battering ram, or perhaps a 12-gauge broaching round. While those methods may work, they're noisy and can be dangerous, announcing your arrival to those on the other side of the door.

    The DoorStorm Forcible Entry System is a literal game-changer. It's a mechanically operated, hand-cranked door opener that operates with no hydraulic systems to fail, leak or require maintenance. Using spreading jaws with a force in excess of 13,000 pounds, the DoorStorm is easily carried and used by one person.

    DoorStorm offers their forcible entry system in two sizes. The DoorStorm Ultra weighs 11 pounds and is just eight inches long, with a maximum jaw opening stroke of 4.5 inches. The big brother to the Ultra is the DoorStorm Max, weighing 13 pounds with a maximum jaw opening of 7.5 inches. Both units generate an opening force in excess of 13,000 pounds.

    Whether you're faced with a hollow-core interior door or steel, industrial-grade doors, the DoorStorm will open them, quietly and quickly. Users report opening exterior heavy-duty steel doors with foam fill and steel frames, of the type often seen in school buildings, in less than 10 seconds. Users also report that in many cases, the door can be used again with little to no repair needed.

    The door can be opened either by spreading the frame, inserting the jaws between the door and the frame, or by forcing it open in the case of doors with an overlapping frame, as often seen in exterior doors.

    All DoorStorm units are 100 percent made in the USA, of the highest quality aircraft-grade steel and aluminum. The extendable handle of the crank ratchets just like the handle of socket wrench, allowing full force to be applied even in close quarters. No set-up is needed; from arrival at the door to opening it takes seconds, with no noise.

    There is nothing that compares to the DoorStorm for size, force and ease of use. Imagine being able to apply six and a half tons of force to a door, quietly and quickly. More than two years of intensive, user-guided research has resulted in the best, strongest, quietest and most reliable forcible entry system in the marketplace.

    For more information or to order a DoorStorm for your agency, go to OfficerStore.com: DoorStorm Enterprises: Forcible Door Entry Device or call them at 800-852-6088

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    Very interesting....I'd like to see it in action. Looks like you could pump it up with an electric drill motor and a drive stud making it even faster.

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    Interesting, but does it need a gap between the door and frame to insert it?

    We used hydraulic and electric rams to spread door frames and found it made noise while putting it in place, which was not good at 4am, so we mostly went back to the Enforcer battering ram.
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    I've been looking at this and i'm interested in testing it out, but it all comes down to price and the department bean counters. If its cheap enough and works well i might consider buying it myself, otherwise it is up to the department to determine if we can have it. It would certainly save up some time and resources. For us in patrol, we usually have to call the fire department and get them to come and bust a door.
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