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    Thinkstream Poised to Take Statewide Information Integration Solution Across Nation

    Patented Technology, Successful Implementation of Largest ICJIS Network Fuels Louisiana Company's Nationwide Outlook

    After eight years of implementation, refinement and expansion, Thinkstream is prepared to take the patented technology platform that enables the Louisiana Civil and Criminal Information Exchange (LACCIE) nationwide.

    What began in 2002 as a small information integration project for a handful of agencies in Baton Rouge is already the largest Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) in the nation, connecting 450 agencies in real time to 700 distinct criminal justice databases and involving over 13,000 users.

    LACCIE provides seamless access to critical information of all types at the local, state and federal levels while interconnecting Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, the State Police, District Attorneys, Clerks of Court, Judicial Courts, Corrections and other justice entities in every corner of the state. From a mature set of LACCIE-connected applications, both in the field and in the office, personnel have real-time, integrated access to NCIC, NLETS, LEMS (the State message switch) and virtually every local law enforcement database in Louisiana. The types of information systems connected by LACCIE is just as diverse, including RMS, JMS, CMS, CAD, AFIS, mugshot databases, DMV photos, vehicle insurance registry and more.

    And what is the result of all this integration? In thousands of cases, the new statewide information exchange has provided Louisiana's justice agencies with the tools they need to locate outstanding local warrants, bring fugitives to justice, provide prosecutors and judges in the courtroom with comprehensive record and rap sheets in real-time and most importantly equip the officer on the street with up-to-the-moment information drawn from disparate data sources around the country.

    For more information, please go to Thinkstream, Inc. - A world of information at your fingertips. or call at 225-291-5440.

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    Good to see something positive with IT. We could do with something other than the basic vehicle/driver and criminal records national database here.
    Todays criminal travels extensively and often the only way to catch them out is to have ALL the information to hand.
    Hope it yields results for you all.
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    i love ICJIS =)

    as long as you have a fast enough connection it is incredible, and one of my only gripes was not being able to pulling out of state ID photos - but that may soon be a thing of the past looks like

    unless I completely misunderstood the post

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    We use Thinkstream as our main way of running information and they also have set up our crash reports. I have used Thinkstream in one version or another since early 2003 shortly after it came out and I find that it is great in theory but they seem to have problems in solving simple problems in their systems.

    The system is super sensitive to your connection where our moblie cop program and even internet explorer will work fast and like they should Thinkstream will disconnect looking for a connection.

    It is very common for us to get differant information depending on how you run a subject. I can run a subject by license number and get information back but you run the subject by name and DOB and get total differant info.

    I had a case where I found a warrant on a subject in Thinkstream and call for dispatch to confirm the warrant with the original agency and they could not pull the warrant up at all.

    As a mobile system I do not see it at its present form as very good.
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    Yes we also use ThinkStream........a few years back they finally implemented it into out MDT's........;-)
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    We use it as well. If we find a warrant in that system it has either out done our dispatch system or proven that the dispatcher didn't run the subject like we requested.
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