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    (HNP) Thinkstream, Inc. announces new remote lineup software to improve eyewitness identification process

    For Immediate Release

    Baton Rouge, LA - Baton Rouge-based Thinkstream Inc., one of the nation's leading innovators of criminal justice and public safety technology, has announced the release of new law enforcement software that will help enhance the eyewitness identification process during criminal investigations.

    Laptop Lineup is a powerful, yet easy-to-use investigative tool that allows law enforcement personnel the ability to create and display multi-person lineups with digitally stored photos directly from their web browser remotely or in the office.

    "A photo selected from a police lineup can be an extremely important component in a criminal investigation, Thinkstream President and CEO Barry Bellue said. "This system was designed to enhance an officers' ability to identify suspects and create lineups for victims quickly, accurately, and fairly so justice can prevail."

    Once the suspect's photo is imported into the application, the software, which is interfaced with the Thinkstream Mugshot Database, will quickly search millions of photos and retrieve a six or eight person lineup displayed on a full screen for presentation in the field or in the office.

    Given demographic and other personal descriptors on the suspect, such as race, gender, age, height, and weight, the software has the ability to retrieve photos that are more likely to be similar to the suspect's photo.

    Also, the new software allows the case officer to randomize a suspect's photo, request additional photos, reject a photo or change the search parameters until the desired lineup is created. All this eliminates the need to manually look for similar photos - saving agencies time and money, Bellue said.

    Click Here to view more product information

    About Thinkstream,Inc.
    In little more than a decade, Thinkstream has emerged as a proven leader in the creation and expansion of distributed information networks that provide communication and interoperability to the nation's public safety and criminal justice agencies, while also assisting banks and businesses with fraud detection and prevention. Thinkstream has developed and marketed a series of solutions and products that tie these agencies, branches or offices together - securely - and enable them to rapidly share critical information across organizational, agency and geographic boundaries. Powered by the Thinkstream Distributed Information Integration Platform, Thinkstream has the only technology on the market that can enable integrated criminal justice throughout entire state, multi-state or even nationwide networks. Similarly, the company believes it has the only software available that can provide instant up-to-date identity verification that is 100% accurate. Thinkstream is currently operating the Louisiana Civil and Criminal Information Network, considered to be the largest of its kind in the nation. The company is an active member of the Internet Working Group for Justice Integration Committee, established by the U.S. Department of Justice.

    For more information contact:

    Kim B. Bergeron
    VP Marketing
    Thinkstream, Inc.
    Email: kbergeron@thinkstream.com
    Phone: 512-419-1118

    Barry L. Bellue, Sr.
    President and CEO
    Thinkstream, Inc.
    Email: bbellue@thinkstream.com
    Phone: (225) 291-5440

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    I use this at work on a regular basis and love it. No more sitting around, waiting for a lineup when I could be working the case.

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    I haven't used that option as of yet but I like Thinkstream as a product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lewisipso View Post
    I haven't used that option as of yet but I like Thinkstream as a product.
    I haven't either, not sure if we have that option as of yet......
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    The state of Louisiana gets it for free. LSP paid for a license for everyone. Just contact Thinkstream and they can help get you set up. All of our detectives and some of Uniform Patrol have access to it. Takes about 10 - 15 mins. to do one.

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    Ok I have posted in other areas about my thoughts on the Thinkstream system but this particular item is great. I have used the lineup creator severl times and it is outstanding. Before in order for a patrolman to use a lineup it was reserved for major investigations. With this software I can create and print a lineup from my vehicle and have had great results.
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