With a money-back guarantee, a 10-year warranty that includes foam and fabric, and what has to be the world's best demonstration guarantee, there's never been a chair like the ergoForce, designed and built by ergoCentric.

ergoCentric seating systems has designed an office chair specifically for police officers wearing duty belts. This unique chair has a large recessed area for the duty belt to fit into while sitting providing superior comfort to the police officer.

Terry Cassaday, the inventor of the ergoForce, said "The feedback on the chair has been great. The police who have tried it love it and say they are happy someone finally created a chair specifically for police. We had been studying police officers as we sold many of our normal ergonomic office chairs to police forces; we quickly realized that a normal chair doesn't work well for an officer wearing a duty belt.

"We then designed the ergoForce with a recessed area for the duty belt providing additional comfort and with swing-away arms so that the officer can get out of the chair easily. We also made the area where the duty belt resides out of an extremely tough polyurethane coating making the chair more durable."

ergoForce is presently being used by police forces throughout North America with the highest possible level of officer satisfaction.

The ergoForce is available for demonstration throughout North America.

"We are so confident that you will love the ergoForce that if we do a demonstration with you and you think we wasted your time, you can keep the chair."

ergoForce comes with a Quality and Comfort money-back guarantee and a 10-year warranty including foam and fabric. ergoForce is available in six seat sizes and two back sizes.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, call 1-866-438-3746 or email service@ergocentric.com