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    (HNP) VirTra Systems Takes Simulator Training to New Levels with Progressive Incremental Training

    Progressive incremental training is a concept of natural learning. The best example is how you learn to run: crawl, walk, run, then race. It is the pathway to perfection. Start with the basics, perfect those, then move to intermediate skills. Perfect the intermediate skills, then move on to advanced. Those who have reached the highest skill level in shooting or any sport will tell you that mastery of the basics means mastery of the sport.

    VirTra Systems takes the same approach to their simulator systems, starting with the VirTra 100LE series. Designed as a basic system for smaller agencies or agencies with limited budgets, it is an excellent tool for teaching basic to high-end intermediate shooting skills. It is also good for basic judgmental and situational awareness training.

    All of VirTra's simulators feature unsurpassed realism due to the use of "live" weapons and the Threat Fire 2 return fire stimulator. Stimulator is the proper description because if the student is "shot" during the scenario, he/she receives a mild electric "stimulation" that feels like a rubber band snapping on bare skin. This immediately raises the stakes for the student by adding a stress factor to the training. The more stress you expose a student to under training, the better they perform under the stress of a real life-or-death situation. This concept is known as "Stress Inoculation". Realism = effectiveness. The more realistic, immersive and intense the training, the more effective it is.

    The next step in this progression is the VirTra 180LE. This system creates a three-screen immersive 180 environment, which is excellent for teaching basic, intermediate and mid-level advanced shooting skills and is also good for teaching basic and intermediate judgmental skills. Multiple screens enable the trainer to introduce the concept of situational awareness. The VirTra 180LE is excellent for teaching basic and intermediate situation awareness skills. It also provides the ability to teach basic multi-student
    techniques and tactics (i.e. teamwork, room clearing, etc.). It can also be configured as a nine-lane virtual firing range.

    Unsurpassed realism: No artificial equipment or protective gear required; an officer can train wearing the same uniform and equipment he/she wears on the street.

    The final step in this progression is the VirTra 300LE. With a five-Screen immersive 300 training environment, the VirTra 300LE is the ultimate in firearms training simulators. Excellent for teachinbasic, intermediate and Tier 1 advanced shooting techniques, it can also teach basic, intermediate and advanced situational awareness. Additional screens mean additional environmental variables like distractions and multiple assailants.

    All of VirTra's systems feature immersive sound systems for increased immersion. In the real world, if something makes a noise from over your left shoulder, that's where it comes from. This means that trainees have to look around not just straight ahead because just like in the real world, threats can come from any direction. The VirTra 300LE drives home the need for situational awareness in a way that no other simulator can. With the addition of the optional breach-door package, it is an excellent tool for entry teams.

    With the introduction of fully immersive training environments, VirTra's LE series of simulators has just raised the bar by which simulation training will be measured.

    For more information on the unsurpassed environmental training envirionment provided by VirTra Systems, please go to Combat Simulator and Shooting Simulator | VirTra Systems.

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    Looks good. The only downfall that occurs with these systems, is the limited number of good quality films to run on them.
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