Tru-Spec started with its popular TRU (Tactical Response Uniform) and has applied the most advanced technology to each segment of the uniform to create the new Tru Xtreme .

"Tru-Spec took everything they learned from TRU and applied the latest technologies to create the fabrics for Tru Xtreme," commented one reviewer. "I knew the uniform would be unsurpassed in durability and toughness but the comfort and ease of wear made it clear that the folks at Tru-Spec understood what tactical personnel need."

The new Tru Xtreme uniform pieces can be worn separately or together. Each is designed with state of the art features that ensure maximum utility and comfort.

"The devil is in the details", said one tester about all four pieces, and "it was the snaps, pockets and interesting use of these items that impressed me."

The uniform pants and shirts are made of Cordura® 50/50 nyulong cotton rip-stop - the same material used by the US military - but Tru-Spec has taken an extra step and used tough, high tech SuperFabric® on the external knee and elbow pockets. Among the many pockets on the pants and shirt there is an innovative tunnel system on the right lower shirt sleeve that lets the wearer transfer a tri-pocket that houses an ID window and pen and pencil holder from the left to the right sleeve.

Careful thinking went into the construction of the combat shirt, designed to be worn under a ballistic vest. The body is made of Cordura® 60/40 cotton nylon baselayer. In addition to being lightweight and super soft, this fabric is breathable, and meets No Melt, No Drip standards, which helps protect the wearer against flash fires, and reduce burn injuries by charring. However, the sleeves, which aren't covered by the ballistic vest, are made of tough Cordura® 50/50 rip-stop with the same tunnel sleeve and the moveable ID tri-pocket as on the uniform shirt.

The final component of the Tru Xtreme Tactical Response Uniform is the vest. Made to be worn over the combat shirt when the ballistic vest is off, it mimics the look of the uniform shirt and presents the clean, crisp look with the same mandarin collar and Cordura® 50/50 rip-stop material.

Chances are there is a TRU XTREME uniform that fits your unit's needs. The components are available in an array of colors: black, khaki, olive drab, navy and multicam® and in a wide range of sizes. There is more information on Cordura® Tru Xtreme at the Tru-Spec website at TRUSPEC.COM.