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    (HNP) WV Trailers Puts Elevated Tactical Platforms Within Reach at $19,950

    Law enforcement agencies, whether they are engaged in traffic monitoring, crowd control or simply providing a presence, all have a need for an elevated viewing platform that will provide a safe and visible presence.

    Until now, these viewing platforms have all been too expensive for widespread use, but now, with the introduction of WV Trailers' towable and easily deployed platforms, these valuable tools are within the reach of nearly any agency, large or small.

    The basic price of $19,950 will get your agency a fully equipped viewing platform, with ladder, trapdoor, walk-around catwalk, heat and AC, plus wiring for 110/220 volts, all on a platform 12 feet in the air.

    With the WV Trailer platform, the basic setup is often sufficient for most agencies, although WV Trailers can provide custom options suitable for any use. Fish & Game agencies might want a trailer painted in camo, for example, or there may be a need for an external loudspeaker for crowd control. Cabin size can be changed as needed, extra windows installed, seating, desks, cabinets...anything that will contribute to the success of the mission can be installed at extremely reasonable prices.

    Using the hydraulic lifting mechanism, within a few minutes the officer will be 12 feet above vehicles and other obstructions. The double-wall insulated cabin has heat and air conditioning, tinted safety glass (sloped to provide clear viewing) on three sides, and is wired for 110/220 volt lights. It is supplied with receptacles ready to plug in computers, radios or anything else that might be required. The basic interior has a large shelf installed under one window. This makes a perfect place to support high-powered binoculars or night-vision gear.

    The surrounding catwalk allows officers to stand outside the cabin, and the cabin itself has a trap-door opening in addition to the standard door in the cabin itself.

    The platform is towed into position on a double-axle trailer that comes with hydraulic brakes. Six-ply tires are standard as well.

    For more information on how your agency can take advantage of the benefits of this affordable elevated viewing platform, contact Keith Wallace, "Mr. WV Trailers," at 417-255-9402 or go to Welcome to WV Trailers, Inc..

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    I think I saw one of these, looked pretty cool. This would be good for the poor saps that work the carnival that comes in the summer. How many guys will it cary?

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    Send me a PM with your contact information and I will have WV Trailers get in touch with you.



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