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    (HNP) Gloves for Professionalsí SSD 900 delivers comfort, warmth and tactical functionality

    Gloves for Professionals (GFP) is excited to introduce its 900 Soft Shell Duty Glove. The glove provides the durability and usability for all tactical work while delivering a sleek look. With a specialized griptrax palm and pre-articulated fingers, the SSD 900 glove allows for maximum dexterity and a natural fit. These features make the SSD 900 ideal for the law enforcement professional who needs to handle a weapon.

    In addition to this functional comfort, the "SSD 900" provides a wind and water resistant liner with a 40 gram Thinsulate lining enhancing warmth and durability. The Scotchlite overlay on the back of the hand provides added safety and style.

    "We understand the need for products that are functional and stylish and that's how we have designed the SSD 900. Prior to making any products we speak extensively with our law enforcement customers about what their needs are, and then we make gloves that fit those needs. The SSD 900 is a result of this and the reviews have been great! It's an all-weather glove and also an all-purpose glove," said GFP Vice President of Product Development John Siko.

    GFP has a rigorous program of testing. During the evaluation at the end of a recent wear test, the officer stated, "It's not easy to find a warm glove that also allows for enough dexterity to handle a weapon. The SSD 900 answers the call in all areas."

    To learn more about GFP Gloves, a Finger Fashions Company, or to find a dealer near you please go to Gloves by Finger Fashions.

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    These gloves got protecters in the knuckles? I need something strong but not to nasty looking.

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    If you visit their website, you will see that they have at least one offering with what you are looking for.



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