Defend your base with the TruSpec Combat Shirt

TruSpec's Cordura Baselayer fabric, a 60/40 blend of cotton and nylon, is the building block of their Combat Shirt. Part of their Tactical Response Unit line of clothing, the "No Melt, No Drip Cordura Baselayer fabric" (to give its full name), is a functional as it is comfortable. It feels like cotton, wears like nylon, and wicks away sweat to keep you dry and warm.

A recent wear and usage test of TruSpec's Combat Shirt, in which the tester exercised, ran half a mile and then stopped all motion and sat down as though deploying to a surveillance site, showed this shirt to be hard-working and reliable. The weather conditions were cool and damp, a perfect test for a baselayer designed for the varying conditions an operator might experience in a working day. The tester reported staying warm, comfortable. Sweat was wicked away and the tester stayed comfortable. The shirt felt dry even as it did its job of wicking away the sweat.
If things go downhill and the operator is exposed to fire, the fabric, while not labeled or sold as fire-retardant, will not melt or drip, offering a level of protection not available in the usual polypropylene undergarmanets.

The design details of the TruSpec Combat Shirt are worth mentioning. The list starts with the lack of shoulder seams that can chafe under shoulder straps. The mock-turtleneck collar has a zipper closure to make it easy to pull on or off, while providing tight seal for warmth and opening for ventilation. Elbow patches of anti-abrasion material provide a slight measure of protection and will eliminate any future problems with poking your elbows through the shirt after having to make a low-crawl through brush. The cuffs have a hook-and-pile closure, infinitely adjustable, and pile-based patches allow attaching insignia on the upper part of the sleeves. Behind each pile patch is a large bellows pocket, and there is a glint tape holder for IR tape.

Our testers wore the shirt on its own and as an undergarment. The tails are long enough so the shirt stayed tucked in regardless of the activity, further evidence that TruSpec's attention to the little details adds up to tactical clothing that works as hard as the operator who wears it.

MSRP for the Combat Shirt is $63.95. There is a variety of colors available, including navy, khaki, black, digitalfoliage camo and MultiCam Sand. Sizes available include a range from X Small to 2XL Large Long. More information on the entire line of TruSpec tactical clothing is available at TRUSPEC.COM.