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    (HNP) VirTra Introduces World’s Highest Resolution Simulated Shooting Range

    VirTra Systems announced that for the first time in history a virtual shooting range is able to accurately replicate the look of a live fire range. By using the latest in high-resolution projection systems, the VirTra Range LETM is able to replicate the visual experience of an actual indoor AND outdoor shooting range.

    A large variety of targets, qualifications, exercises and marksmanship drills are included. In addition, the simulated range introduces some training tools not found on a live-fire range, a partial list of these features include:

    - Aim-trace, which shows the progression of each shot fired in a sequence
    - Various moving or turning targets (no armor needed and no mechanical failures possible)
    - Instant zoom on target (save time)
    - Instant reset of target (save time and money)
    - Instant target change (save time and money)
    - Automatic email of the shots fired on a target (can print or view later)

    When combined with VirTra's line of powerful recoil kits, absolutely no ammunition is required, permitting unlimited firearm training with access 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

    The VirTra Range LETM can also accurately simulate distances to over 100 meters while only requiring approximately 3 meters by 1.3 meters of facility space. The simulated range displays correct target sizes as well as real-world ballistics that includes details such as: aerodynamic coefficient of the bullet, wind direction/speed, altitude, dew point, humidity, temperature and gunpowder load.

    Attention to detail doesn't stop there; each impact on the simulated target leaves a slightly different punch through the target, even further replicating the look and feel of shooting on a live fire range.

    Unlike previous simulated ranges which group three or four shooters on one large screen, the VirTra Range LETM system dedicates one screen per lane and is completely modular so you can order the exact number of lanes that you require. More lanes can be added quickly and affordably in the future.

    The visual system on the VirTra Range LETM is the highest resolution in the history of firearm simulation with over 2 million pixels per each individual shooting lane. The projection system has over 200,000 to 1 contrast ratio, unprecedented in its class, to give trainees extraordinary detail. An HQV processor and innovative Super-resolution technology combined with state-of-the-art Fujinon lens delivers dynamic crystal clear visuals.

    The control method is another first in the industry with each lane equipped with a simple control box; if you want to instantly zoom on the target to study your last shot fired, you simply press a button. One operator can control up to 32 lanes with an easy to use touch-screen master control station.

    The VirTra Range LETM is a powerful marksmanship training tool designed to closely replicate a live-fire range in every detail while adding never before seen features at the highest visual quality in history. A new, higher standard in firearms training simulation has now been set by the VirTra Range LETM.

    For more information, visit Law Enforcement - VirTra

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    Well, Damn! They had to wait till I retired didn't they? Maclean ought to see this....he just finished a couple of weeks of sim training on a much inferior system.

    Car 4
    I would like my country back. I used to believe that one man could never destroy this country. Not so sure anymore!



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