Karbon Arms is a leading provider of electronic immobilization products. Almost 100,000 individuals have been trained to use Karbon products. The Multi-Purpose Immobilization Device (MPID) is Karbon's flagship product. Innovative, officer-friendly features such as a cartridge eject buttons, 22-foot range cartridge, 345 nm laser, off-the-shelf batteries, and a rugged unibody frame construction accent the exterior of the MPID.

Under the hood, the MPID utilizes patented technology that allows a safety-designed constant current generator. The MPID knows that current is what is dangerous to humans but is necessary for superior take down ability. The MPID innovative design allows for a constant level of current rather than potentially dangerous spikes that may also limit takedown ability on individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We combine modern technology with so-called old fashioned service. Our clients may contact us anytime about anything. We are there with the customer at every turn. Our clients can trust us for honest, immediate advice and help.

We assist agencies with providing a reasonably priced electronic immobilization device that will take the abuse of law enforcement officers.

Departments nationwide have made the transition from traditional, older immobilization technologies to the newer, cost effective Karbon MPID. Find out more at Welcome to Karbon Arms - Karbon Community Forum or call 800-345-STUN