The Phoenix Police Department needed a solution that would meet the CJIS requirement allowing field personnel access to the criminal justice information system from their notebooks instead of waiting until they are back at headquarters. Their officers needed secure and fast access to their network to support split-second decisions.

The FBI's CJIS mandate requires all police agencies to use strong, two-factor authentication such as biometrics, smart cards or token-based devices, in addition to typical security methods such as user names and passwords when accessing the criminal justice database. CJIS also requires laptops to be secured through encryption.

DigitalPersona Pro helps police departments like Phoenix meet the CJIS requirements in a way that gives them instant access and doesn't lock them out of the system due to complicated passwords. This suite of security products includes:

- Advanced Authentication including biometrics, tokens and more
- Full Disk Encryption
- Remote Access Recovery
- Secured VPN Authentication

DigitalPersona Pro's suite of centrally-managed security applications addresses the CJIS mandate of data encryption and access management through advanced authentication - eliminating time wasting and annoying authentication procedures. DigitalPersona Pro enables secure and immediate access to data and applications - from any computer, any desk, any car, at any time.

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