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    (HNP) Shooting Simulator Receives Audio Upgrade

    VirTra Systems, the higher standard in firearms training simulators, has updated its ground-breaking firearms training simulators with a new subwoofer option that further enhances training scenario immersion.

    The option, available on the VirTra 180-degree simulator and 300-degree simulator, enables customers to improve scenario realism with a powerful 600-watt subwoofer that intensifies low-pitched audio frequencies.

    VirTra Systems simulators are the most challenging judgmental use-of-force simulators in the world, featuring high fidelity surround sound so trainees can sense the direction and distance of sounds during training. The addition of the subwoofer enhances the low pitch frequency (the "bass") response of the simulator audio system, adding intense realism to sound effects such as gunshots, explosions, helicopters, sirens, and more. This upgrade further advances VirTra's approach-the more realistic the training the more effective the training.

    About VirTra Systems

    VirTra Systems, Inc. provides the world's most realistic weapon simulators for Military and Law Enforcement customers around the globe. VirTra's wide range of products includes the finest marksmanship, judgmental, tactical and deployable shooting simulators available. VirTra further enhances small arms simulation training with innovative patent-pending technology and is the higher standard in firearms training simulators.

    Firearms Training Simulators | Virtra

    Steven Shaffer
    Phone: 480-968-1488

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    The new Gander Mountain in Onalaska, WI has the 300 version. If you show your badge they will let you do LEO specific scenarios. Havn't had a chance to try it yet, but from what I hear its pretty good. We have access to the MILO system right now.



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