Forums LEO Verification Requirements:

You must be a retired (for service or service related disability) or currently employed and fully sworn full-time/part-time/reserve/auxiliary law enforcement officer with full arrest powers, law enforcement authority in your jurisdiction, and have graduated a law enforcement academy for law enforcement officers. You must be able to or have had the ability to (for retired officers) perform full law enforcement functions, such as; making arrests, serving warrants, enforcing traffic laws, enforcing local ordinances, and enforcing state laws, etc. Members of (non-civilian) military law enforcement (Air Force, Army, USMC, Navy, and Coast Guard) do not meet our verification requirements. If you are not sure you meet these requirements, private message a Site Staff member, and we will advise you.

The following are some, but not all of the reasons for which Officer Resource may remove a Verified LEO tag from a member:

1) A Verified LEO has a change in employment status.

2) A Verified LEO has been charged or indicted (pending adjudication), or convicted of a crime.

3) A Verified LEO whose behavior on the site has demonstrated poor judgment.

4) A Verified LEO who has committed an act of ethical or moral turpitude.

5) Any other reason that is in the best interest of the site.