Waiver of Liability for Copyright Violations

www.OfficerResource.com is owned by Anthony (Reca)

The site www.OfficerResource.com (also known as "O/R"), the Owner of Officer Resource ("Reca"), and any other authorized agent, employee, or Site Staff Member of Officer Resource, are not to be held liable or responsible for any Copyright violations, re-distributed, re-broadcasted, copied, or by other means, onto the site, www.OfficerResource.com.

Officer Resource Site Staff does not have the ability to moderate every post. Therefore, there is a possibility where a post, or thread, may contain illegally copyrighted material. Posting something that is illegally copyrighted is a personal choice, and a personal responsibility, on the part of the poster, and not one we, as Site Staff Members, or as a site, support.

We have a "FAQ" thread posted in every forum, which contains a copyright violation explanation for our members.

If an O/R Site Staff Member is made aware of illegally copyrighted material on the site, they MUST delete it, as soon as possible. If you believe that a copyright violation has occurred, and you need to make a Site Staff Member aware, please contact:

Countybear (Chris), Officer Resource Forums Super Moderator


Pudge113 (Justin), Officer Resource Forums Super Moderator

at their e-mail addresses, which can be found in "FAQ" under "Officer Resource Site Staff Member Contact List."
Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for your e-mail to be read.

Thanks for your patience, and understanding.

Policy on Copyright Violations

If someone makes a Site Staff Member aware that a member of Officer Resource has committed a copyright violation, the member who committed the copyright violation will face the following consequences:

1st Offense- Warning, with explanation of our copyright violation policy

2nd Offense- Final Warning. The member will be advised that if it happens again, they will face permanent banishment from the forums

3rd Offense- Permanent ban from the forums