Officer Resource's Official Mission Statement is a website for law enforcement officers. The goal of Officer Resource is to provide a venue for law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and law enforcement hopefuls and supporters around the world to network, individually and collectively exchange information and ideas, and voice concerns regarding their respective professions. Officer Resource pledges to maintain a quality environment, in both open (public) and restricted (secure) areas, where officers can interact with one another and the public, discussing opinions and experiences as they pertain to law enforcement related topics.

All too often, many media and internet information venues tend to sensationalize isolated incidents for commercial purposes. This can promote an overly-critical view of law enforcement professionals. In response, Officer Resource seeks to increase the public's understanding of the humanity, decency, and dedication of its law enforcement and corrections officers, by providing them a site on which they can speak for themselves.

In Officer Resource's "public" areas, members are encouraged to interact with citizens, answering questions and sharing concerns, primarily as they pertain to topics related to law enforcement and corrections.

Officer Resource aims to be the premier law enforcement site on the internet. Officer Resource will tirelessly strive to maintain a relaxed but professional environment, conducive to the exchange of thoughts and ideas, free from the unwanted intrusion of pop-up or spam advertising, and free from harassment or abuse of its members.

Officer Resource Site Staff will serve as guides, facilitators, consultants, and representatives of the law enforcement and corrections communities, charged with the task of achieving Officer Resource's goals and maintaining its principles.