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    Do LEOs get more calls on Thanksgiving than on other days?

    Do LEOs get more calls on Thanksgiving than on other days? Does it vary by location, with urban centers getting fewer calls and suburban and rural areas getting more calls?

    I would hypothesize that urban centers would get fewer calls on Thanksgiving than other other days because Thanksgiving is not a big "bar scene" holiday with lots of people drinking late at night, so that would cut down on the "drunk people fighting" calls, and most of the folks who would otherwise be hanging out causing trouble are spending their time with families (often in suburban/rural areas).

    But Thanksgiving might also increase domestic violence calls in rural/suburban areas by increasing their population density with a sudden infusion of folks who would otherwise be causing trouble in urban centers, and subjecting them to stressful cooking activities that bring together extended families, often with people who hate each other, in enclosed spaces holding sharp instruments.

    Am I right?
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    It seems to increase calls, more people on the road then normal equals more accidents and family get together with beer usally equals some idiot starting a fight.

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    While I have no idea what thanksgiving is (is it like harvest festival ).

    I will however make comment on holiday and weekly call patterns.

    Week days see a steady flow of calls about events that have happened some time over the last 72 hours or so as well as the incident in progress calls that can happen at anytime.

    Rush hour traffic sees many road traffic collisions, afternoons in city centres see alot of retail crime (drug addicts like a lie in it seems). Calls in the evening are more likely to be offence in progress or just happened. City centre evenings are filled with alcohol related incidents urban areas also alcohol related calls to domestic assaults and neighbourhood disputes.

    Sundays and bank holiday are quiter in town centres but see an increase in domestic incidents and neighbour disputes.

    Christmas is quite except for some of the worst domestic assaults i've ever seen.

    New year everyone seems to go out and get drunk it's like a Friday night for about 3 days

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    I don't have numbers to back this up, but from my personal experience I have found that any holiday that results in a "long weekend" increases domestic and alcohol calls in my area.

    I am in a relatively rural area, and we get more calls of domestics on late Saturday nights and Sunday nights during holiday weekends. Also on Monday nights if the long holiday is a Monday. I suppose it's because people are spending more time than is usual with each other, or because they've had more time to drink over the long weekend.

    Until about three years ago my city was a "dry territory", so we had no bars or restaurants that served alcohol. that said, there was no prohibition against buying alcohol in a wet territory and bringing it home, so there was plenty of drinking going on in the area.

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    Typically I have found it for us is a quiet day until evening when liquor has kicked in. Then the drunks and family fights and unwanted person BS calls are what we get. Which is annoying.
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    [QUOTE=Standard Dave;124592]While I have no idea what thanksgiving is (is it like harvest festival ).

    well, I believe it's the day when we all kill a big bird called a Turky, than we eat like pigs....

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