I had to work yesterday. We got the store looking good for tomorrow, while one of the assistant managers was counting down the cash drawers, we all went back to clock out when we were told we could leave. I always go into the bathroom to change back into my street clothes, since I walk to work and home, and I don't like to walk in my uniform. I decided just to change my pants and throw my other shirts on over my uniform shirt. I got done, clocked out, went back to the breakroom to grab my pop and some other stuff. I walk back out to the front of the store, thinking they're all still there waiting for me to get ready.

The entire store is empty except for me and the alarm is beeping saying it's set. At first I thought they were playing some kind of joke on me, then it dawned on me they weren't and that they had in fact locked me in the damn store! I ran over the doors, and the alarm goes off because of the motions censors, I stepped in to the vestibule and I can see everyone leaving and I'm standing in there going "Hello, get back here!" One of the assistant managers comes running back up to the door, sees me, and I could tell he's thinking "Oh crap". Turns out he thought I was the first one out of the store. He had to call Vector the alarm company and explain to them what had happened. I'm just glad they were still in the parking lot and that our store doesn't have a silent alarm.