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    Cops are ggod people

    This was posted on a local Hays Kansas discussion board

    # Posted: December 19


    You are right-on about police officers. Those of you who condemn them will be the first to call them when you need help. To honor and to serve is a badge of honor worn by most police officers with pride and a sense of duty. Police officers are not out there to hassle you nor take you to jail. They are there to protect your life, respect your dignity, and respect you for the most part. Police officers do not go out seeking trouble but are called to trouble while we sleep. They are called into horrific circumstances, at times requiring them to withhold their own emotions. They display respect to the loved ones (and mean it) of the deceased, or when they have to inform the parents or relatives of the death of a loved one. Believe me, they cry inside, and some cry openly over the body of the injured or young... People think police officers are not human, but belive me they are.

    Officers live in a glass house. IE: They cannot (or shouldn't) go to bars and drink, then arrest the first person they see leaving a bar. That to me is a double standard when officers ignore other officrs DUI while arresting others for the same thing. For the most part they arrest the offending officer. I know personally of an officer who turned himself in for a DUI.

    Are there problems? You bet there are but for the most part officers respect the public, take their jobs seriously, and honor the badge. Sadly there are those who "hide behind the badge," by being the Rambo sort of personality. In my humble opinion offiers should be given support, respect, and assistance were needed. They are a part of society (thank God) and they could be your neighbor, brother, sister, father, mother, etc.. So please, let's not be "down" on officer for the few offenders who exist. I beg you to name an occupation where someone hasn't messed up or brought shame to the organization they represent.

    It is nice to see that we occasionaly get some positive comments about us
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