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    I've been there!

    I was goofing around on Google maps and found a detailed picture of a building in Seattle I used to work security at.

    It's 21 stories high, and I walked up the stairs to the top floor twice a night (I was in the best shape of my life). I was on that roof at least once a night, and I also watched the New Years fireworks in 2004 from that rooftop. I also rousted bums out of the park you can see to the right of the building. Those were good times. Sort of.

    So, where have you been?
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    Neat idea!

    Here's one very small part of Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia, where I installed some equipment and software (which I also wrote) for the HARM Missile on the JFK and Ike aircraft carriers back in the 1980's. The hand points to the McDonalds where we ate, If I remember right, but it's been 20 years (Google's maps are off a block or two - It's not where they say it is). One of my co-workers got trapped on one carrier during a lockdown and secret deployment to the Mideast, and they wouldn't let him off the ship or even call us until it arrived in Spain . Look at the size of the aircraft carriers in the dock, compared to the McDonald's

    Here's Texas Instrument's Expressway Site in Richardson, Texas, where the electronics for our HARM Missile was designed & developed. I started there on HARM in 1979. Everything you see in that righthand triangle between the freeways is TI. I worked in the long white building in the middle of the photo (which we called the Semiconductor Building):

    Ok on the left is Texas Instruments' old HARM missile electronics plant where I used to work in Lewisville, TX... It's now an office complex, since the HARM Missile production moved to Tuscon after being bought by Raytheon.

    On the right is the old TI AAWS/Javelin missile electronics plant in Denton where I got laid off from when it shut down in the early 1990's - AAWS/Javelin missiles went to Lockheed Martin, which was our partners who bought us out. I only worked there for a year - Brand spanking new plant closed down, with underground robotic delivery systems. What a waste

    Here's Perot Systems in Plano, Texas, where I worked up until last year. I still have fond memories of meeting Ross Perot in the hallways there. He always has a smile on his face, and eats lunch with us in the same cafeteria. He had just had his 75th birthday party a few months before I left for greener pastures, and he invited a couple of people from his Iranian employee rescue mission (about which the book "On the Wings of Eagles" was written) to talk to us about their experiences - Ross Perot is a patriot if not a friggin hero and everyone makes fun of him . Anyway, those rows of what looks like tin buildings on the left were our covered parking

    Now I'm working at a startup company, in a damn bank building in Dallas... How the mighty have fallen

    And finally here's Dallas Pistol Club, where I'm a member, newly-trained R/O, and hang out a lot at their 3rd & 4th Sunday steel target matches. (see http://www.dallaspistolclub.com/).

    The Carrollton police share our paved range & training building on the left. It's neat to see them doing night exercises with M16's This is an old picture - Since George Bush Freeway was built on one side and a soccer field on the other side, we've put up some high concrete and rubber walls around the place, and turned the 3 tac bays in the back into five smaller bays.

    The smaller building in the middle is our clubhouse, and the larger building is a pellet rifle range that mostly kid's organizations use, such as Boy Scouts and 4-H club marksmanship programs.

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