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    Local Cop Prevents the End of the world

    I thought I would Share a story with all of you. This is a true story. This story can also be seen on our myspace page under the blog section. CLICK HERE FOR OUR MYSPACE This is just another way LEF is expanding

    Local Cop Prevents the End of the World


    I was 5 days short of having a year on as an officer.

    The Date was Jan 01, 1999 The Time was just after Midnight. There was snow on the ground and about 25 degrees. The Call Came in as a Man going "crazy" in the front yard of a residence. Myself, a Deputy from the Sheriff's Office, and an officer from a neighboring town respond. Upon Arrival I see a Man Standing in the front yard Wearing only a pair of jeans, Holding a Sword. The Man was looking up to the sky with his hands raised above his head. We tried to talk to the man and he was not responding to us. We Kept our distance and ordered him to drop the sword. The Man started to yell up into the sky. "YES FATHER" "YES FATHER". We continued to give orders for the man to drop the sword. The Man Then threw the sword into the ground and continued to scream into the sky. "I CREATED THIS WORLD 2000 YEARS AGO TONGIHT IT ALL ENDS". As soon as the man threw the sword into the ground we rushed him. The man was not very large but had great strength. It took all 3 of us everything we had to get the man into custody. Even after we had him in custody it took all three of us to get him into the patrol car. It was very clear to us that the man was on something. So I then transport the man to the hospital. All the way down he was saying bible scriptures, and telling me that he would save me as the end was near.

    Once at the hospital it took all three of us officer along with 2 security guards to get the man out of the patrol car and into the hospital. We took the man into the ER and The doctor came in and asked the man his name. He responded "YOU DO NOT KNOW ME? I AM JESUS CHRIST". At this time "JESUS" Tried to kick the Doctor in the face. We then assisted the Hospital staff in putting the man into leather restraints. The Whole time the man continued to yell so that everyone around could hear him. He kept Screaming, "I AM JESUS CHRIST, I CREATED THIS WORLD 2000 YEARS AGO, TONGIGHT IT ALL ENDS." He would also Go into random screams saying stuff like, "5 money 87654321 dance dance I AM JESUS."

    Soon after the doctors got the man sedated and he went to sleep.

    About 3-4 weeks later I was working and in a grocery store and this man came up to me and introduced himself. he had a cast on his foot and he was walking with crutches. He said Hello Sir, My name is **** **** and I would like to tell you thank you. He said On new years eve I was with my friends and I smoked a joint and the next thing i remembered was waking up in the hospital on January 3rd. I can not remember anything from that night but I am sorry for how I acted. he said I drink and smoke pot every once in a while but after that night I will never smoke pot again. He stated that his pot was laced with PCP and he had a bad reaction to it.

    Now this guy was the nicest guy I have ever met once he was down off of the drugs. This guy got a broken ankle during the struggle with us. To this day I still keep in touch with this guy and he still sends me Christmas Cards and on every card he thanks me.

    I am Glad things went the way they did. This Man could of Very easily been shot by us. I am Also Catholic and I am sure Glad it turned out not to be Jesus. I would hate to be the guy who arrested Jesus on the Second Coming!


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    Interesting post. It just goes to show what drugs can do to a person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reca View Post
    I am Also Catholic and I am sure Glad it turned out not to be Jesus. I would hate to be the guy who arrested Jesus on the Second Coming!

    Yeah, one of these days it's going to happen. Glad you didn't have to be the one to do it!

    Awesome story!
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    Thanks for posting that -- great story!



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