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    Hero of the Year

    Hero of the Year contest includes MCRD Marine

    January 20, 2007

    Little did MCRD drill instructor Jamie Nicholson, 28, suspect that his decision to stop at a drive-through McDonald's one morning for coffee would lead to his being nominated as the Reader's Digest Hero of the Year.

    As he ordered, the woman inside taking his order screamed. He jumped out of his car and ran around the corner to see what was happening. The motorist at the window had dropped his change and opened the car door to lean out and grab it when his car accelerated into a pillar. The open door slammed against the concrete, trapping the young man's head between the car and the door.

    Nicholson grabbed his tire iron, crashed the car's rear window, and jumped in on the broken glass. He knew the car had to be shifted into reverse, but the unconscious driver's foot was pressed on the accelerator, which meant the car might smash into the wall behind them. Nicholson strained to reach the gear shift. He shoved it into reverse, freeing the victim, then quickly locked it into park. He then gave aid to the driver, who was hospitalized but fully recovered.

    Nicholson's story appeared in the October issue of Reader's Digest. He was one of 11 everyday heroes nominated by the magazine. People can read their stories online and vote until Jan. 31 for the Hero of the Year at rd.com/heroes. The winner will be named in April.

    Nicholson, who lives in Clairemont Mesa, remains humble: I don't feel worthy, especially after reading some of the other stories. Nevertheless, he admits that it's a great feeling to know that you've played a part in saving someone's life.

    See more stories, and vote!

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