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    RE: Todays survey about car chases

    Take it from a former truck driver, if you are chasing a tractor trailer, wait until it gets into a position like a slow turn, or partially stopped by traffic, changing directions etc. Reach out with something, or jump on if you can, and lift up un the airhoses between the truck and trailer. All you need to do is hit it firmly enough that the hose end of the glad hand rotates upward, the air pressure will blow it off. Depending on which hose you hit, it will either bleed off popping the tractor protection valve almost immediately, stopping the truck, or will bleed off every time the brakes are applied until it pops the tractor protection valve, and stops the truck. Most new trailers are desigend with the glad hands and electric hookup on the outer edge of the driverside of the trailer. You should be able to reach them with a batton, or longer flashlight while staying well clear of the tires.
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    Pump a couple 12gauge slugs into the engine block works too

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    I was thinking into the driver.

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    12 gauge to the radiator works like a charm.
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