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    Terror in it's own words.

    Did any of you watch the Fox News special last night, Radical Islam?
    It was an eye opener like none other and a documentary every man and woman in the US and non-Islamic country should see.
    Muslim children are brain washed from infancy to hate Americans (the great satan) Jews and all non-believers. To become a martyr (suicide bomber) is their ultimate goal in life. A mother's dream and goal for her son/daughter is to attain martyrism by becoming a suicide bomber. The community holds the family of suicide bombers in high esteem, as though they were martyrs/heroes. They believe that all male SB's are instantly rewarded with paradise and 76 virgins the moment the blast goes off, and it's the only sure way a woman/girl can go to paradise if she has been raped and made unclean.
    It goes on to tell how they're trained, films shown and how the explosive devices are made and attached to their bodies.
    It further stated that suicide bombers are being trained in Iran for the specific purpose of going to Iraq and blowing themselves up.
    Toward the end of the program a shifty eyed cleric and chief hancho of a mosque here in the US was interviewed, as to what he thought of the documentary and why Muslims haven't publicly spoken out more, as being against Islam terrorism, the events of 9/11/01, Etc.
    IMO, he stammered around the subject and provided weak excuses, saying that most of it was over estimated and politically motivated.
    IMO, most muslims are good people and citizens. However, there are over 2000 mosques in the US and I wonder how many members of those mosques are sympathetic with radical Islam?

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    "However, there are over 2000 mosques in the US and I wonder how many members of those mosques are sympathetic with radical Islam?"

    Or how many are against radical Islam?

    There is a difference.

    We are the thin blue line
    between you
    and all the money in the world.

    And no you can't have any.



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