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    Your Assistance Is Requested...

    There is a new site in the works; policeofficerclosecalls.com that will be a clearing house for anything that concerns you; the police officer.

    Anyone having any images, reports or stories they wish to share with others in the Law Enforcement community are encouraged to check it out and submit anything you would like considered for publication on the site to

    closecalls@policeofficerclosec alls.com

    The site is in the developmental stages right now and the owners are asking for any images, reports, stories or videos you wish to share be emailed to them at the above address for inclusion into this site.

    This site will be designed to make aware the plights of the officer in their war on crime.

    Anything to do with Officer Safety, Vehicle Operations, Equipment or anything else you think others in the Law Enforcement Community would benefit from. Don't be afraid to speak up all items included will have complete anonymity if requested.

    Speak up and let us know what you have to say.

    Although this is for serious business feel free to inject humor. We all know how important humor is in dealing with society.

    So submit your pieces now; they hope to have enough to take the site fully live by March 1st 2007 and LEF will be featured on the site.
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    Maybe too much info for the bad guys.

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    This is interesting Info. However, I would want to more know about this outfit before submitting a story to some obscure email address. If the LEO's relating their stories aren't verified, they wouldn't amount to anything more than made up, exagerated BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sgkelly View Post
    Maybe too much info for the bad guys.




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