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    What would you do? (poor food service)

    I'm not comfortable responding in length in "Ask a Cop" and this is a different question, though, inspired by what was asked there. I find it a very interesting, and useful, daily life scenario.

    What would you do, if, after waiting an extended time for a food order, you were served something that looked like a dog's lunch?


    I'd ask to speak to a manager, offer to pay for any beverages I consumed during the wait, and walk off. If the manager was no more prompt than the food I'd throw down cash to cover any beverages and walk off.

    What would you do?

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    Cheech Guest
    Id tell them this taste like shit, It doesnt look like this on the window

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    I would pay for what ever I had consumed and then talk to them about the situation and say that I am very dissatisfied and want my money back or refuse to pay for the food.

    What ever happend to the customer is always right? LOL???

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    It must be different here then. The goods must be up to standard or I can refuse to pay. Last time my wife and I stopped at a Roadside diner, part my food arrived cold. I sent it back, when it came back the bit that was cold was OK, but the rest was now cool. I ate it. When the manager asked if everything had been sorted, I explained the situation and she waived the bill for all food and drinks for me and my wife.
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    Customer service went out a long time ago. People dont care anymore, its only about the money. It's funny but it seems that the more a certain segment of todays society pushes this touchy feely crap on is, the worse it becomes. At one time this country was made up, and designed that the majority rules. Now it's the minority rules, and Im not talking race here Im talking numbers. You would never have seen or heard 50 years ago of ONE guy saying the words "under God" bothers me and the court try to ban it. Back then he would have been told to take a flying leap and get over it. Now its oh were so sorry to offend you we will have those words removed for you, give me a break. Also back then it was customer service customer service, now you get the worker on the phone telling you to wait a minute they are busy! It shames me when tourist from other countries LEGALLY come here and see how we have become as a society. I just want to hang my head in shame and apologize to them.

    Sorry for the rant.

    And to answer the question; I too would ask to speak to a manager and agree to pay for what I had actually consumed, then leave.
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    I'd pay for it, because I don't want to be arrested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    I'd pay for it, because I don't want to be arrested.
    Put it this way instead - if you want to pay for it, that's up to you. Being motivated by fear of the conclusion of a chain of events which has not yet started would be unfortunate though, imo.
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    I've done this, actually. I would leave the restaurant if it took an extraordinarily long time for my order to arrive. If the food arrived in poor condition I would first give them an opportunity to make it right. If they couldn't, or I didn't have the time to wait for them to replace the order, I would pay for any beverage, etc., that I'd consumed, and assuming that the server was not at fault by delaying service, I would tip the server, politely refuse to pay (detailing the reason why), and leave.

    The few times this has happened, though, the management has voided the check before I've had to refuse to pay.

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    I never said I agreed with the cops actions in the other thread, but I understood by the letter of the law his actions. I wouldn't pay for food that came out in unedible condition either.

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    I've actually been comletely ignored when I went into a restaurant in uniform. I was with my wife, we had been there many times before that, but never in uniform, and this time, they seated us, and never came back.

    Left the place, and never went back. Saw the owner a couple of months later, and he asked why we don't come anymore. I told him, and the restaurant had a sudden overhaul.

    No problems since.

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    Well, I'm of two minds on this one. Probably because I've been on the serving end of the business.

    If I order something in good faith, and someone prepares that meal for me in good faith, I feel I should pay. I'm not sure where the notion comes from, that you can simply refuse to pay for your meal. You've entered into an oral agreement.

    Obviously, you cannot return a food item if you are not satisfied, it's a perishable product. And taste is rather objective. If it's not cooked properly, or not as advertised, then I'll ask for it to be corrected. I've never had a problem sending something back, or even ordering something different.

    As for delayed service? First you speak to the waitstaff, and ask where your meal is, and find out the delay. If you can't wait for them to remake your meal, you need to explain that to the manager - give them the chance to make it right.

    Restaurants want your business, and they often go the extra mile to keep your business. They also depend on word of mouth, so they want you to be happy, so you'll send your friends.

    As for the other scenario? I would have paid for my meal, if they were not willing to write it off. Then I would have written to the powers that be at the restaurant expressing my displeasure at the treatment I received, maybe cc the local newspaper's restaurant reviewer. And I would tell all my friends and co-workers to never go there again.
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