It's a Holliday weekend and I would like to see all of my friends and their families return home safely. Most of my friends (online and off), have made the comment "at least it isn't a party weekend". Any Holliday weekend is cause for extra caution on the roadways. Please remember the following:

There will be a lot of inexperienced drivers on the roads.

There will be a lot of families on the roads.

Yes, some will have had too much to drink, not enough sleep, or both.

"I only looked away for a second"

Sound familiar?

We all know those drivers that insist on looking at the person in the backseat while they talk to them. To those of you who do that.. Despite the popular term "back seat driver"..YOU are actually driving the vehicle!

We all know the driver who talks on their cell phone non stop. Not a problem with a hands free kit. Unless they are texting.. I am assuming they are not texting the guy in the back seat!

Eating. We all do it..but do you REALLY think you can eat that 12 in sub one handed without half of it ending up in your lap? If you can, you have a real talent!

No one wants to travel several hundred miles listening to the same music. If your entire CD collection is in your car.. pull off to the side of the road to find the one CD among the hundreds. This is also an acceptable job for the guy in the back seat.

I know it's a nuisance, but stick to the speed limits. I met one of the guys who decide how fast we can go on these roads. He has this little card with different speeds listed on it. He spins a wheel on the card and whatever it lands on, that's the speed that gets posted. Sounds like a silly way to pick the speed limit, but he's the man in charge and unless I want to make the guy in the back seat bail me out of jail or pay for my insurance increase, it's just easier to go that speed. For those of you who are reading this and saying.. "I KNEW that's how they decided the speed limits!". This message is aimed at you. Swap places with the guy in the back seat now!

Wear your seat belts. I know it makes it harder to reach the CD collection you left on the floor, but humor me.

If you insist on practicing your dance moves while driving, listen up. It may look great on the dance floor, but to other drivers, you look like you are either having a seizure, or are stoned. Don't be surprised if you get pulled over and the Officer makes you swap places with the guy in the back seat.

Enough tips. Just drive safely and pay attention to what's on and near the roadway. I want to see each one of you return home with the same ugly mugs you left with. I'm not referring to your spouse..quit that! Be nice!

Stay safe