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The New American Way
Lyrics/Music: Dropkick Murphys
The punishment no longer fits the crime

Each day when I wake up and I set my best foot forward I'll make an effort to be all that I can be. I take a look around me and I wonder how things change so much in the few short years since I was a young boy.

Do you know what we're fighting for? I know in an instant I could lose everything I'm working toward.

I know I'll win my battles though I fear we'll lose the war to the new American way.

The morals of this nation's youth have long gone astray lead by tolerance, indifference, and this kinder gentler way that has corrupted and destroyed so many of our boys and girls oh lord I start to wonder will it ever come around?

This song states what I've been watching happen for the last 2 decades so clearly that it's almost painful. Of course the Libs wouldn't agree...

I'm all for Personal freedoms, but with freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY...