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    The weather's on a rampage this spring.

    This has been a spring with a lot of unseasonal weather and dangerous storms. We've had 1 tornado in the state which killed
    10 people, 7 in Americus, a town where I use to live. The mid-west has had more killer storms than usual, wiping out towns and leaving death and destruction in their paths.
    The national hurricane reporting Ctr. and meteorologists, are predicting that we'll have more hurricanes this year than usual.
    Have you ever seen the funnel cloud of a tornado, as in the photo below? I never have, but have followed in the wake of one, by about 10-15 minutes. It looked as though an approximate 1/4 mile wide lawn mower was pushed through the area, which mowed down full grown timber and utility poles leving it like mangled grass. I also drove by some pasture land where a small herd of cattle were killed.
    Since it occurred in a rural area, there was no one killed, even though it flattened several mobile homes and 2-3 Mom and Pop country stores. If a storm like that had dipped down in a populated area it's anyone's guess as to how much death and destruction it would have caused.
    I've driven past isolated woodland areas where I've seen similar paths, indicating that a tornado had mowed through, possibly during the night, without anyone knowing it.

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    Esteda, when I was growing up we had a basement that doubled as a family room complete with pull out sofabed just because of the frequency of tornadoes. The alarm would sound, and we'd head downstairs. My brothers and I would play (or sleep, depending on the hour) and my parents would listen to the radio and the wind. If one came close we'd go into the storm cellar part, which was specially reinforced just for the occasion. Seriously frightening stuff, I was probably 10 or so before storms stopped scaring the hell out of me.
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    Back in 1997 we where going back to the kingsbay submarine base in Georgia after a weekend off, and we drove right into a tornado.
    after we realized what was going on, hail had pelted the hood of the truck, and the windshield, my marine partner turned around, and then it pelted the passengers side all the way across. the windshield was to the point that all you had to do is put alittle pressure on it, and it was coming in on our laps.

    as we where going back out in beat the crap out of the tailgate, and bed rails.
    we travelled about 3 miles, and got out, and the truck looked as it had been bombed, there wasnt a stright panal on this truck.
    yes it was a very weird experience, ok, it was scary as hell.
    we went ahead and pushed the rest of the windshield out, threw it in the back of the truck, and continued down the road like rednecks.
    we finally made it back to base, and the marines at the gate wasnt going to let us in, they couldnt believe that we drove right into a tornado.

    wow, havent told that story in years, brings back some crazy memorys.

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