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Thread: First DL Test

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    First DL Test

    So I was reading CountyBear's rant, and started thinking. My first attempt at getting a driver's license. Wow, I think it was carved in stone.

    What questions did you guys miss?

    I missed 2.

    At a RR crossing do you
    1.)Stop, look both ways
    2.)Slow down, look both ways
    3.)Drive/proceed as normal

    I answered
    2.)slow down, look both ways

    Well, who stops? Just the school buses I think

    When you miss an exit on the Interstate, do you
    1.)Keep driving until the next exit
    2.)Call 911
    3.)Stop, back up and exit

    I answered
    3.)Stop, back up and exit.

    Okay so I don't know what the rest of you have but here if you miss your exit it is 12 miles to the next one. So 24 miles out of your way. What would you do, honestly?

    What questions did you guys miss?
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    I couldn't tell you. The 1st and last time I took the test was 13 yrs ago. I get to renew by mail!!
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    Damn, that was a lot of years ago. I have no idea what I missed. And now my state only renews every 10 years, and even before that you didn't have to retest or anything, so..
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    Here's the question that stumped me:

    Four-way intersection, stop sign on each of the four roads. Who has the right of way if 4 cars arrive at exactly the same time, one from each of the 4 directions?

    A) Whoever has the biggest truck.
    B) Driver with the largest caliber weapon.
    C) All 4 drivers exit their vehicles, go to middle of intersection and play rock, scissors, paper untill they get a winner. Winner gets the right of way.
    D) Right of way at intersections to be determined by biggest truck; except if a smaller truck is pulling a horse trailer.
    E) They all "slide" through the stop sign and have a multiple 10-50.

    Upon seeing this question, I realized that perhaps I don't want to be driving after all, and decided to become an environmentalist instead.


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    I failed my first time because I couldn't parallel park my parent's Windstar Mini-Van. Have I paralleled park that beast EVER since then? No. Will I ever again? Yeah highly unlikely.

    I don't even remember the written portion I know I passed it no problem.

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    Rolled through a stop sign on the driving portion. Missed 0 on the written.
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    My very first test, I passed without a problem but I had some difficulty parallel parking. The instructor said that I couldn't get my license if I couldn't park the car, so it took me a while but I did.

    However, when I applied for my NJ license several years ago I had to take the written test even though I had a current, valid license from MI. I didn't read the stupid book and I failed it the first time. I was mortified.

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    Passed the written, got failed on the driving portion.

    At a downtown stoplight, I'm signaling for a left hand turn. Driver directly across from me also signaling for a left hand turn. Light turns green, "cool, we can both go", I start turning, other driver comes straight.

    So I hit the brakes, other driver proceeds through. I turn, examiner tells me to pull over. Lloyd tells me I should have waited to see if they were going to turn and has me drive him back to the courthouse.

    Still disagree, but I get where he was coming from. Years later he was a regular customer of mine and one day I mentioned to him he'd failed me on my exam. We had a chuckle, he announces he still would! Haven't seen him for a few years now, should stop by sometime and say hi.

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    I don't remeber what I missed, if any, on the written test. On the driving test I got dinged for holding the clutch as I went around corners. I think that I should have gotten extra points for taking the test in a stick, when 70&#37; of my generation doesn't even know how to drive a stick.

    As for what's a "wrong" answer, there is no requirement to stop at a railroad crossing (for most vehicles, at most crossings). So it pisses me off that DMV will tell you you got the question wrong.
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    I passed the written with 100%.

    I got something like 6 points taken off for driving into 3 crosswalks on the driving portion.

    Still passed.
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    Flew through my written and driving tests when I was 15,100% on both.Last year took the test for my motorcycle endorsment and,well,uhhh,ummmmm,I passed the second time-------barely



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